About us

Established in 1995

Since its inception 20 years ago, the company has resolutely focused on the provision of truly independent and holistic investment advice, delivered to the highest standards.

Truly Independent

We have always believed that the key to delivering a truly independent service for our clients lies in the way we are paid. Our service is based on the principle that there should be no contingent charging. That is to say, our clients pay us only for the work we do for them. We do not charge a percentage of their investment because we see this as a quasi commission. By basing our fees on the size of the job not the size of the portfolio, we eliminate commission bias, something we feel has the potential to affect all percentage based remuneration agreements.

Holistic Advice

Holistic advice considers all aspects of your financial situation before making recommendations that may commit you to long term investment plans.

Our focus is on Investment Advice and the ancillary services that our clients require as they move through life. This means we provide cash flow modelling to enable clients to understand their income and expenditure and we are qualified to advise on long term care planning as well as estate and succession planning. 

Many of our clients are retired or approaching retirement and looking to get the most from the money they have saved over the years.We work with many professional connections such as solicitors and accountants to ensure our clients’ needs are met as fully and professionally as possible. Many of the professionals we work with are themselves Trustees who rely on us for investment advice for the trusts they are responsible for.  

We also advise those holding Power of Attorney for a close relative or, in the case of solicitors, for their clients.

Highly Personalised & Professional Service

Ayres Punchard is a family business based on the lovely Isle of Wight, serving clients throughout the South of England and further afield.

We offer a high level of personal service, characterised by regular contact and excellent working relations with all our clients. Our clients value this and many have come to us from arrangements with larger companies who are not able to offer the same level long term of individual service tailored specifically to their needs and circumstances. We build solutions to fit you and your unique situation. We never shoehorn our clients into one size fits all arrangements.

Sustainable and Ethical Investments

In October 2016, Citywire’s New Model Adviser magazine featured Chris Welsford and Ayres Punchard as a ‘cover star’ for the publication. You can read the online article here. This articulates well, the way in which we work. Sustainability and ethics in investment have always been an important part of the way that we go about determining the best way to help client invest their money. In recent years investing sustainably has become central to our investment proposition.

With more than twenty years experience of constructing portfolios for our clients, we have developed a strong investment philosophy, focused on sustainable investment strategies that our clients can use to achieve their investment goals. We know that good returns can be made from investing in companies that try hard not to damage the environment and have a positive effect on society, both where they operate and where their customers and suppliers are located, often globally. We know that good governance in the companies that our clients are invested in is vital to ensuring the security of our clients’ capital.

For these reasons we build our investment portfolios using professionally managed investment funds that undertake high levels of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis on their investee companies, usually in compliance with the UN Global Compact, on sustainable development, and with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We access high quality research on suitable investment funds through our partnering with Worthstone, an independent social impact investment resource hub that provides analysis on more than 350 funds that are marketed as having sustainability and ESG at the heart of their investment process.

We personally visit fund managers and their teams to discuss the finding of our controversy screening research and to make sure that the values marketed by the fund manager are represented by actions in their engagement with investee companies.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that the global flow of investment moneys is the key driver in determining our collective response to major issues such as climate change, child labour and modern slavery, pollution, land and resource waste and recycling, all issues that most of us have very strong views on.

Traditionally, investment has been marketed as a way to grow ones personal wealth with little personal responsibility for the wider consequences. It is perhaps the only area where, until now, otherwise responsible, educated and mature individuals have been encouraged, and have agreed, to act in a way that may have significant negative outcomes for people and the planet. This has happened as a direct consequence of traditional investors and investment professionals, falsely claiming that it is impossible to achieve good returns from investments that screen out unsustainable and unethical activities.

Largely this has been based on the banking sector, mining and oils – the traditionally dirty money that is high-carbon, polluting and damaging to the environment. Yet years of experience, research, evidence and analysis have led us to the fundamental belief that the opposite is true. Reduced exposure to unsustainable practices and poor corporate governance should expose investors to less risk with lower volatility and higher returns over the longer term, when compared to traditional investment strategies. In this way, we are able to provide investors with the traditional investment characteristics of income and growth, combined with modern concepts of sustainability, ethics, good governance and social responsibility.

We believe that by focusing on these fundamentals we can deliver better long-term returns in global investment markets. We believe that ultimately risk can be reduced and potentially returns enhanced by a thorough analysis and understanding of corporate sustainability, through an evaluation of ESG – environmental, social and governance factors.