What we stand for

Independent – We are fiercely independent and are not afraid to reject product providers that fail to live up to their promises.

Ethics – Ayres Punchard stands for highly ethical values that put our clients first. We adhere to the code of conduct of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

Advocacy – Clients engage us to act for them and to mediate between them and the financial services industry.

Holistic – As a client of Ayres Punchard you can expect a service that is all encompassing and holistic, addressing all aspects of your financial requirements.

Sustainable – We operate an environmentally sustainable business. We recycle all our office waste.  All confidential waste and most other waste paper is shredded and used as  bedding for our chickens. It is then composted and used to help grow vegetables.

Solar power from photovoltaic panels supply electricity our office. The office is fully insulated and requires no heating most of the year.

Where possible we use public transport, particularly for longer journeys. For business motoring the company car is a Nissan Leaf all electric vehicle and when charged from the solar panels during the daytime it effectively runs on renewable energy.

Most importantly we place sustainability at the heart of our investment philosophy and process.

Control – As investment specialists we offer a full investment portfolio management service on an advisory basis which means that you remain in control. No more decisions made about your investments without your knowledge.

Personal Service – We provide a highly personal service with bespoke investment portfolios and financial planning advice. We never shoehorn our clients into a one size fits all solution. Each client is different and our advice reflects that reality.

Thorough Due Diligence and Research – Each solution we provide is subject to an independent due diligence process and researched carefully to ensure its suitability. This includes scrutiny of Ethical Investment funds to determine compliance with our clients’ ethical expectations and other non-investment criteria to highlight any shortcomings.

Skilled – Every year we spend a significant amount of time visiting companies and scrutinising their products and investment funds. We attend many training and development courses, seminars and conferences to ensure that we are completely up to date and kept abreast of new developments in the financial services world.

Transparent and Fair – We reject commissions and other incentives offered by financial services product providers. We only receive remuneration from you for the work that we do for you. Unlike most other firms we do not base our charges on the amount of money you are prepared to invest. We believe that charging for our time is a fairer way for us to operate. A good analogy for this was provided by a client who said, percentage based fees or commissions are the equivalent of a painter and decorator basing his charge on the value of your home rather than the amount of time and materials he will need to complete the job. That just would not be fair.