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We hope you are here because you are interested in finding out how our Key to the Future Model Portfolio Service can assist you in helping your clients in an area that is now a regulatory requirement, but which remains difficult for many financial advisers to facilitate.

We can help! We’ve been doing this for 25 years.

Because we are also a financial advice firm, we understand the challenges faced in advising clients on ethical, sustainable, ESG, and impact investing.

Ayres Punchard’s Key to the Future Model Portfolio Service provides you with robust and reliable ESG-focused, sustainable, impact-driven investment solution for your clients.

The Key to the Future portfolio is available at 5 different risk reward levels, all of which have consistently beaten their respective benchmarks over all periods of time.

The portfolio is discretionary managed by our carefully selected discretionary investment manager Chris Redman, of Peregrine Black Investment Management limited.

Ayres Punchard controls the strategic direction of the portfolio.

We research and recommend funds, carry out detailed company analysis, and engage with fund managers on impact issues around controversy and ethics.

A key example of this is our work surrounding cobalt mining and child labour, an area on which we have focused as part of our engagement with fund managers.

This resulted in Microsoft making changes to their procurement procedures and supply chain scrutiny, in order to reduce and eliminate the use of unlawfully mined cobalt which implicated them in the use of child slave labour.

If you would like to find out more, please download a copy of our Key to the Future Investor Guide and contact us about using the portfolio with your clients.