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We will help you create investment portfolios that reflect your clients ethical values, deliver excellent returns, carefully manage risk to provide a no shock environment and help you to nurture strong and meaningful relationships between you and your clients.

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Use our expertise to build investment portfolios that your clients can relate to and engage with. We are able to provide you with topics for conversation around your clients’ investment funds that will change the way you and they think about investment. Turn the boring and mundane, into something stimulating and interesting.

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The distinction between Sustainable and Impactful Investment and Ethical Investment may seem a dull one but understanding it will help advisers set realistic expectations with their clients and given everyone a better grasp of what actually drives investment outcomes. ESG is not the same thing as Ethical investment, even if Ethical investment can be sustainable and impactful. This is an important distinction that advisers need to get if they are to have meaningful conversations with their clients and not mislead.

Sustainable and impactful strategies can be achieved through a strategy that is the same for all investors and can be model portfolio based whereas ethical investment needs to take into account your client’s specific concerns and ethical requirements and is more likely to be a bespoke solution.

In this short video interview, Chris Welsford explains the differences at the Lipper Fund Selector conference London 2019:

We’ll help you with the hard parts of the job

Often, an Ethical approach will exclude areas of potential investment such as weapons manufacturing, pornography or alcohol, but it should also aim to specifically include areas of particular positive concern to a client, such as gender inclusivity, exceptional employment relations or other focused themes such as these.

This has to start with a detailed discussion about personal values and it’s this initial stage that many advisers find very difficult.

We can help by speaking to your clients about their ethical values and compiling a specific report with discussion points and ideas that you can then use to formulate a plan.

We can then help you to design a bespoke portfolio that reflects your clients values.

We can also review their portfolio and provide you with a report that will enable you to have a meaningful discussion about the ethical nature of the portfolio and changes that could affect its attractiveness for the client.   

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