Retirement planning & creating a sustainable income in retirement 

We know that planning for your eventual retirement is a very important component of almost every financial plan for clients who have not yet reached that milestone.

We offer a shortfall analysis modelled against your hoped-for expenditure targets, which will enable us to discuss a realistic level of contribution and investment in your pension as well as understanding what is possible in terms of timescales and potential outcomes.

Many of our clients have already reached the point at which they are able to choose whether or not to continue working.

Retirement means different things to different people. For some, it means stopping paid work completely and for others, part time work or taking on non-executive roles is all part of their later life plan.

We have assisted clients through the sale of their businesses, establishing robust pension and other investment vehicles to help them produce efficient and sustainable income streams.

Whatever the requirement, we have skills to help you make the most of your accumulated wealth.