Keynotes January 2016 – The Bear In Room

1 February 2016 in News

Since April 2015 the ‘Share Bear’ has been knocking on the door. A ‘Bear’ in Stock Market terms is the downward trending of share prices. People who are referred to as ‘Bears’ in this context are pessimistic about the outlook for share prices and think that…

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Election Update – Brexit or Scotexit – Oui au Non?

8 May 2015 in News

The best Conservative election victory in 20 years brings a Tory majority for the next UK Parliament but casts doubt over our continued membership of the European Union. Less obviously it may also reopen the Scottish question, making the future of the Union less certain…

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Keynotes April 2015

17 April 2015 in News

Let’s Play Hunt the Straw! Increased volatility and massive gains on the S&P500, the USA’s main share index, coupled with concerns raised by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) this week, that bond markets are also over heating, in particular high yield bonds, mean we need…

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Keynotes March 11 2015

11 March 2015 in News

The top of the World? Global Shares – A Good Time to Invest?   A picture tells a thousand words, or so we are told. The MSCI World Index, which is the composite index representing the shares of companies listed globally since 1969, paints a…

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